Freitag, 9.1.



Tag 3 – Eamonn Hurley

Heute ist Freitag und unser letzter Tag in Berlin. Most of it was spent walking around with our video groups, which gave me many opportunities to notice cultural differences. The biggest one of which I noticed right away, paying for the use of restrooms. Just today, my group members and I have spent around 2,50 €, on bathrooms alone. This has really made me realize how much I appreciate not having to pay back home, especially when it’s an emergency. Another noticeable cultural difference I have noticed is the weather, it has been cold and wet the entire trip so far. Later on in the day as we were walking near the Berliner Dom my group got stuck in the middle of a hail storm. I have never been in a hail storm in my life! And it was definitely a surreal and scary experience and I am happy I never have to deal with it in Rhode Island. I’ve been told that this isn’t very common weather but never the less it is still interesting.

The video group that I am in is “Kunst und Kultur”. Today once we split into our group we gathered tons of useful information regarding our project. But one thing that I observed when walking throughout the city was the prevalence of graffiti on nearly anything we passed. Buildings, busses, fences, it was on everything. This made me start thinking. I feel as though most of the people do not care about the graffiti because it is considered art or it just brightens up the neighborhood. I wish it was like this in the United States because I think it looks really cool.




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