Bayer AG




Bayer essentially is a German chemical and pharmaceutical company with its primary areas of business including healthcare products, agricultural chemicals, biotechnology products, and high value polymers. Bayer is located in Leverkusen, and we visited this company on January 16th. The building we toured specifically was the BayKomm Kommunikationszentrum, or the Bayer communication center. Their products and services are designed to benefit people and the quality of life. Their products also help in treating hemophilia, multiple sclerosis, hormonal contraceptive, kidney and liver cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, respiratory tract infections, and prevention against heart attacks. Bayer’s products aid in retaining vision, avoiding thrombi, relieving pain, and curing animals. Bayer’s business areas include Bayer HealthCare, Bayer CropSciene, and Bayer MaterialScience. Their service areas include Bayer Business Services, Bayer Technology Services, and Currenta. The company’s current strategy is to focus on being a global leader in the Life Sciences, believing that material science has the potential to deliver significant value as a stand-alone business.

Being an aspiring chemical engineer looking to possibly work with perfumes and cosmetics, I found it very interesting to see a display case of lotions, mascaras, lipsticks, and facial products in one of the company’s showrooms. I was amazed at the extravagance of the displays themselves, with each aspect of the company presented in an interactive and elaborate fashion. The woman giving the tour emphasized the use of polyurethane, which is a plastic material that exists in various forms. It can be tailored to be either flexible or rigid. She explained that it can be used in building insulation, cushioning for furniture, car parts, mattresses, coatings, adhesives, sportswear, shoe soles, and much more. Some of the products released in 2014 included Claritin Allergy, MiraLax, Oxytrol, Lotrimin, Zegerid, Afrin, Coppertone Sport sunscreen, and Dr. Scholl’s custom fit shoe inserts. Bayer is also looking to improve the classic aspirin medication to relieve more areas of pain and discomfort.

The second part of the tour involved a bus tour of the Bayer ChemPark. The ChemPark is the biggest chemical park in Germany. It was interesting to hear that around one third of North Rhine-Westphalia’s chemical output is produced at this park. The bus tour was, in my opinion, definitely less exciting than the building tour; however, Bayer was a fascinating company in how it produces not only the well-known healthcare products but also products involving sports equipment, cosmetics, building insulation, animal care treatment, car, bike and plane parts, and further general research development. The people at Bayer were professional and poised in both their dress and interaction, and the woman giving the tour was very informative. The Bayer Bistro was also lavish just as were the building presentation rooms as well as the landscaping of the outside area surrounding the building. This company has much to offer, and I could potentially see myself looking toward this company for an internship or job opportunity in the future.

– Natalie Fairman



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