Conclusion Statement

My trip to Germany was a fun, educational, and eye-opening one. Any nervousness I had about going abroad was gone after the first day. I had fun with everyone on the trip every day. It was hard to tell with all the fun I was having that I was actually learning about a new culture and language, as well as many different companies that I may be working for in the future. By just being immersed in the culture and language for 10 days, I already feel like I know a lot more than before I went. The company visits were also interesting and informative. There were some companies I knew about going in, but I learned about others that I also had a strong interest in. One such company was IAV automotive. They actually create many of the engines that go into Volkswagen’s cars. I think the most important things I took away from this trip was the feeling that I belonged and could communicate in Germany already. I was nervous about the prospect of going abroad for an entire year in the future. Having been in Germany for just 10 days, I already feel like I could function in Germany for a long period of time. I would recommend this trip to anyone who is interested in another culture or another language and wants to learn about a future career.


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