Samstag 17. Januar

Mein tag war 17 Januar. Diese war unsere letzte tag in Deutschland. Wir sind um sechs uhr aufgestanden. Sollte alles in ihren Koffer gepackt habe. Nach Fruhstueck sind wir aus die Hostel zur Hauptbanhof gegangen. Wir mussten der Zug von Koeln bis Dusseldorf Flughafen nehmen. Zwei Student haben fast die erste Strassebahn zur Hauptbanhof verpasst. Nach ein dreissig Minuten fahrt, wir sind in Dusseldorf angekommen. An Flughafen die sicherheit waren nicht so schlecht. Ich habe waehrend der Flug geschlafen.

When we arrived at Dublin airport, I noticed the security was much stricter. This was because went through US preclearance. We had to fill out forms stating some of our basic information and confirming that we weren’t bringing anything illegal across the border. We also had to have our picture taken so they could check it against the picture on the passport. The US had a much more thorough security check than most places, which can probably be attributed to the attacks on September 11th.  The security at the airport was a huge difference between Germany and the US.



Vor wir sind geflogen, ich habe Kamp‘s bakarei gesehen. Kamp’s hat eine Karte von Deutschland mit verschiende Regions. Jede Region hat verschiende namen fuer Broetchen. Es gibt Broetchen, Schrippe, Weck, Rundstueck, Semmel, und weiterer. Ich war ueberrascht, dass es so viele Dialekent in Deustchland gibt.

In the United States, there is not such a big difference in accents between different parts of the country, and it is much larger in area than Germany. I think this has to do with the influence from bordering European countries. The amount of different dialects and languages in the surrounding area is a huge cultural difference between Germany and the United States. In the US, many people will only have to speak English their entire lives. In Germany, almost everyone knows different languages, with English being spoken by most of the population


Am letzten Tag und waehrend der Riese sind wir mit vielen Zuegen gefahren. Wann mann in den USA ist, kann mann nicht so viele Zuege finden. Autos sind das Haupttransportmittel in den USA. In Deutschland benutzen viele Menschen Zuege, Fahrraeder, und Busse. Dass ist so viele besser fuer die Umwelt.

It may be easier to use public transportation because Germany is a smaller country, where most people live in large cities. However, it seems as though citizens make an effort to use other means of transportation that cost less and are more environmentally efficient. I thought the transportation was a huge difference between Germany and the United States. A car is not necessary to have in Germany, since there are so many options for cheap public transportation. In the United States, without a car most people will not be able to get to their job. I think the United States could incorporate more public transportation options to promote an attitude of environmental consciousness.



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