Mercedes-Welt am Salzufer

Mercedes-Welt am Salzufer

Unsere Gruppe ist ins Mercedes-Welt am Salzufer gegangen. Wir hatten viele netten teuren Autos gesehen. Die Fremdenfuehrerin hat eine Rundfahrt gegeben. Wir hatten Informationen ueber die Gabaeude und die Autos gelernt, und es war sehr interesant. Mercedes-welt hat vier Stocken mit vielen Autos im Ganzen Gebaeude. Die Autos in ersten Stock sind am billingsten, und die im vierten Stock sind am teuresten. Es gibt einen grossen Wasserfall, damit die Gebaeude kuehl bleibt.

This is a good example of the efforts made to better the environment by Mercedes and other German companies. They also aimed to save energy by putting many windows in the building to allow natural light to shine in. I think the environment is valued a lot more in German companies than American companies. It have not seen American auto companies create there dealership to be so environmentally friendly.  Mercedes world also had an F1 racecar simulator. Unfortunately, the simulator was broken, and we could not use it. One downfall to the nice looking cars they had was they had terrible fuel efficiency and produced a lot of harmful emissions. Mercedes is working on cars that have less impact on the environment however. One such example is Mercedes brand of electric powered cars. Another was a car powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. Finally, Mercedes world has a car service and test drive center located in the back of the building. Here perspective customers can test drive different cars and also bring their Mercedes in for repairs.

Also interesting was that our tour guide only spoke German. Every other company we went to provided the tours in English. It seemed like Mercedes has pride in the German heritage, because there website also was only in German. .  I think Mercedes also has a higher commitment to the customer than most other car companies. Mercedes world was a dealership as well as a show room, and they provided anyone who was looking to buy a car with a comfortable environment. Perspective car buyers were discussing terms over lunch, and there also was a large area for kids to play so that they would not disturb their parents during their meeting. The indoor testing facility also showed their commitment to the customer.

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