Deutschland Tag 10, Freitag, 16.1

The tenth day in Germany was our last day for company visits and exploration; the next day we would be returning to the States. On Friday we were in Köln, or Cologne, and had a scheduled visit to Bayer, but my group decided not to attend because we are not engineering majors. Instead, with Shawna as our tour guide, we took some time to explore the city of Köln.
Das ist der Rhine (Rhein) in Köln. Er ist der zweitlängste Fluss im Europa und fließt durch Köln. Köln ist sehr schön und hat eine lange Geschichte. Behind me in this picture there are tiny, bright-colored houses that were built in the early 12 and 1300’s, which are surrounded by modern day businesses and housing. The comparison of the old and new construction in Cologne and all throughout Germany was incredible.

IMG_4490One of the most fascinating things that I witnessed in Köln was the Kölner Dom, or the Cathedral. Der Kölner Dom wurde im 13. Jahrhundert gebaut und ist sehr massiv. Trying to even get the entire structure in one picture was a challenge. The outside is incredible and built in Gothic fashion. The inside is just as beautiful with stained glass in every corner, as well as statues, paintings and depictions of important religious people. We were able to climb to the top of the largest tower, which took 533 steps to reach the summit. The view from the top was awe-inspiring and one of the most beautiful views of Germany that we had the priviledge to see; Es war mein Lieblingsteil der Reise.

IMG_4437 The Kölner Karneval, or Cologne Carnival, is an event that takes place in Germany every year where everyone dresses up in colorful and sometimes comical costumes. While we were walking through the streets, people dressed up as pirates, clowns, animals and everything in between, passed us by. Unfortunately, I was unable to capture a good picture of the festivities and people, but the picture here shows a costume store with one of the more popular ways in which people dressed. Kölle Alaaf! Is a German phrase that can be heard during the Carnival, which means “Cologne above all!” The city of Köln comes alive during this celebration and depicts the lively spirit of the German and Cologne people.IMG_4529


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